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A Turkey for the Church

The Butterball Turkey Company has a telephone hotline to answer consumer questions about preparing holiday turkeys. One year a woman called to inquire about cooking a turkey that had been in the bottom of her freezer for twenty-three years. That’s right the turkey could be in college now. The Butterball representative told her the turkey would probably be safe to eat if the freezer had been kept below zero for the entire twenty-three years. But the Butterball representative warned her that even if the turkey was safe to eat, the flavor would probably have deteriorated to such a degree that she would not recommend eating it. The caller replied, “That’s what I thought. We’ll give the turkey to our church.”
So many times we are reluctant to truly give our best to the Lord. Yet, we have no trouble giving that which we want to get rid of in the first place, and then we wonder why we are not blessed because of it. God wants your firstfruits not your rotten tomatoes.

You’ll Never Be the Same

Jacob is an interesting character in the Scriptures. One of the more interesting accounts in his life, however, happens in Genesis 32 where he wrestles with an angel. There are all kinds of ideas and theories as to who this angel was, but to cut to the chase I believe the angel was God Himself. Jacob referred to this account later and called the angel somebody who redeemed him and no mere angel can do that. Then Hosea refers to this account and makes the statement that He, referring to God, spoke with us through Jacob on this night he wrestled with the angel.
My point to this whole thing is not to get into a debate but to point out one simple fact. When a person truly meets with God they will never be the same. After this account with God, Jacob’s name, which means deceiver, was changed to Israel, which means a Prince with God. He also was never able to walk normally after that since the Angel, God, touched his side and Jacob halted on it from then on.
So many today make the statement…

Faith in What?

The real question in life is not if you have faith but what do you have faith in? Everybody lives a life of faith in something. Maybe you have faith in your job to pay you regularly, faith that your car will start every morning and get you to work, faith that your doctor can heal you if you get sick, and faith that your loved ones would never hurt you.
The problem is that faith in all these things will fail at some point. Yet faith in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior is a faith worth having. Placing your faith in Him will become a stronghold for He will never leave us nor forsake us. Since He is the same yesterday, today and forever we don’t have to worry about a faith that changes with circumstances or culture. Faith in God can be an unwavering faith that provides us a solid rock upon which to stand in the struggles of life. Faith in everything else changes with the seasons and circumstances, and leaves us cold and alone in the storm struggling to survive.
Real faith not only says…