You’ll Never Be the Same

  Jacob is an interesting character in the Scriptures. One of the more interesting accounts in his life, however, happens in Genesis 32 where he wrestles with an angel. There are all kinds of ideas and theories as to who this angel was, but to cut to the chase I believe the angel was God Himself. Jacob referred to this account later and called the angel somebody who redeemed him and no mere angel can do that. Then Hosea refers to this account and makes the statement that He, referring to God, spoke with us through Jacob on this night he wrestled with the angel.

  My point to this whole thing is not to get into a debate but to point out one simple fact. When a person truly meets with God they will never be the same. After this account with God, Jacob’s name, which means deceiver, was changed to Israel, which means a Prince with God. He also was never able to walk normally after that since the Angel, God, touched his side and Jacob halted on it from then on.

  So many today make the statement that I will come to God as I am and God will always meet me right where I’m at. That is true, to a certain degree, for God will meet anybody where they are at if they turn to Him and He will always allow anybody to come to Him just as they are. What we fail to recognize, however, is that if we truly meet with God and allow Him into our lives we will never walk away the same. You will come as you are but you will leave a completely different person in Christ.

  So all that to say this. If you never have changed and you are the same as you always have been, have you really ever met with God? A true encounter with God is life changing 100% of the time.


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