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No Need to Apologize

While watching some of the candidates during the Republican debates, I felt that they were almost apologetic concerning their faith.  It was as if they were saying, "I believe this but I don't expect anyone else to."  It was as if they were trying to communicate the idea that their faith would in no way be a determining factor in how they made their decisions.  Now, I am not exactly certain what these candidates believe, but as a Christian I would hope we would never become apologetic concerning our faith.  We should not be arrogant and obstinate, but neither should we be timid and fearful when we are adhering to the truth.  We should know what we believe and why we believe it.

Why Should We Fear?

The more our world moves away from God, the more fearful we become.  Individuals become more fearful of those things that they cannot control, because they no longer see a God who can control them.  They see the world in a chaotic mess with no one manning the helm.  I'm glad that the Scriptures teach us something completely different.  I'm glad the Scriptures show that their is an Almighty God and His plan for the ages is continuing upon its course.  It's a lot easier to pillow my head at night knowing that God is alive and awake watching over all.