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Wasted Talent

With the recent death of singer, Whitney Houston, many are mourning the fact that her incredible talent was wasted for much of her life.  I cannot disagree with them.  There have been few individuals that have had the power and voice control as Ms. Houston.  She is the only artist to ever chart seven consecutive Billboard Hot 100 hits.  Her pre-recorded rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner at Super Bowl XXV is the stuff of legends.  It caused our National Anthem to hit the "Top 40 List" for the first, and I believe only time, in its history.  So to see a talent such as hers largely be wasted to drugs and poor relationships was very difficult to watch all the way to her tragic end.  The thought for almost all of us is that "she could have given so much more."  But that makes me stop and ask myself, "How often does God say that about me and others in this world?  How often does He see His children wasting their spiritual gifts and talents by giving all of their…