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Why Do We Go?

The other day I was talking with an individual and they were telling me about an experience they had at another church.  They said that when they went, the pastor was heated in his delivery as he preached against sin.  This individual said that they would never go back because they didn't go to church to get "yelled at, they went to church to feel good".  They said that since that day they have been successful in finding a church that meets their need.  Now mind you, I just met this person, and I have never been to the church that was referenced, but the phrase "I go to church to feel good" left me very uneasy.  I wouldn't want to sit under a mean-spirited pastor but neither do I want to sit under someone who is only going to make me "feel" good.  When I read the Scriptures, it is very evident that God is much more interested in me "being" good than "feeling" good.  He wants to make changes in my heart that will make real diffe…