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Religion is only Temporary

A life of religion often knows the truth but seldom follows that truth. It knows the words to say and the way to say it, but it lacks the strength to perform or do the actions those words proclaim. Religions “faith” is only a temporary solution to get out of a sticky situation.
Religion likes the comfort of the words, rituals, and traditions and somehow thinks that the knowledge of the truth is good enough to get by. Religion often knows what truth is and knows what needs to be done, but never does it because that would require the effort of a true relationship with the Lord.
II Timothy 3:7 – “Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.”
Knowledge of the truth is not enough and can become dangerous if not followed. Knowing the truth is useless if not applied to our lives.
The fact of this is played out in the book of Hosea. In the first three verses of Hosea 6 Israel knew they had a need (v. 1 – He hath torn), they had a desire to be saved (v. 1 – Come, let us)…

Religion is but a Covering

Religion is truly just a covering that makes us look better. It is good for nothing else. It is like a cloak we can put on to hide our ugliness. It makes us look good to those who are around us, but it is a poor substitute for the real faith and relationship we could and can have with the Lord. Religion comes up with its rituals and traditions that make us feel spiritual as long as we follow them. Religion covers even our own eyes from viewing the absolute wretchedness that still exists in our flesh.
Paul did not have the blinder of religion upon his eyes when he viewed himself. He was in a relationship with the Lord and could view himself as he truly was.
Romans 7:18a – “For I know that in me (that is, in my flesh,) dwelleth no good thing:”
When Paul was in a dead religion and persecuting the church he felt pretty good about himself, and thought he was headed in the right direction. It took an eye opening experience and a growing relationship with the Lord to see differently.
It is cl…

Religion vs. Relationship

I am not a fan of religion. That statement might seem weird to some seeing that I am a pastor. The fact of the matter is that religion is often just a façade. Religion is a man-made device to try and fill a hole in us that only a relationship with God can fill. So I am not a fan of religion, but I pursue a relationship with Jesus Christ my Lord and Saviour. Religion has its origin in the human heart, but a relationship with God has its origin in His love. Religion is often for our own selfish ends, but a relationship with God is lived in a desire for His will. Religion is promoted as being for the good of others, but a relationship with God is the only thing that will help people to begin with. Religion is often contrary to the Word of God, but a relationship with God is grounded in His Word. Religion is nothing but a snare that enslaves people, but a relationship with God sets people free. Religion cares not for purity or truth, but a relationship with God is just and holy. Religion …

Life and Its Plans

We all have plans for this life and things we would like to see done. We have dreams and grandiose tasks we think we would love to accomplish. In all of these plans and aspirations we forget, or conveniently ignore, the life God has for us. His will for our life is often viewed as the antithesis to our ideas. Our goals seem more pleasant and His more cumbersome. However, the God who made me, made me in a peculiar and specific way to accomplish His will for my life. Since God’s plan is perfect there is never a reason to change it on our behalf. Our delaying will not change His plan but only bring heartache to us if we ignore Him. Joy will only come when we accept the perfect will of God for our lives, and proceed on the journey He has sent us out to do.
What is wonderful is that God is patient and gives us second chances to accomplish the things He has set before us. God is just as interested in us as He is in seeing His will for our lives come to fruition.
God chooses each of us for a t…