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Tragedy in Newtown

In the wake of the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, many individuals are beginning to pose the question to these acts of senseless violence: "What is the cause?"  Some see it as a mental health problem.  Some see it as a gun control problem.  Some see it as an environmental problem.  Biblically speaking, it is a bigger issue than any of these.  It is a sin problem.  As our nation pushes God further and further aside, we remove Him who gives us our moral compass.  Instead of using our American freedoms to pursue a personal relationship with the Almighty or to better those around us, more and more individuals are using them to satisfy their most base desires.  Instead of using our freedoms to worship, we are using them for immorality.  Instead of using our freedoms to teach peace, we are using them to promote violence.  Instead of using our freedoms to help others, we are using them to indulge ourselves.  As long as our people continue to use their freedoms for their own selfi…