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The Solid Rock

Jesus once said that the person who obeys His commandments is like a person who builds his house on a rock.  The winds can blow, the storms can come but when it is over the house will still be standing.  He went on to say that the person who refuses to obey His commands is like a person who builds his house on sand.  When the storms of life come their structure will not be able to stand and great will be its destruction.  Now no one would really think of building a house only upon sand, but it is amazing how many will build their lives on things other than the Word of God.  Many wonder why so many marriages are ending in divorce, why so many governments are collapsing, and why so many individuals are coming apart at the seams.  It's because so many people refuse to obey God's Word.  Obedience to Christ may not be the easiest way to build, but it is the only way that will last.