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We All Need Revival

This Sunday we will begin our Revival Meeting with Evangelist Hal Hightower.  The word "revival" means to "to regain full strength."  As we maneuver through this world, it is inevitable that our spiritual energies will be sapped.  As we war against our sinful flesh, the corruption of this world, and the devil himself, we can't help but wear down from time to time.  That is why it is good to have an intense dose of solid preaching.  It is the Word of God that increases our faith and it is by faith that we please our God.  I hope you can be a part of all of our services this week because all of us need revival so we can get back to "full strength."

Our Nation Needs God

I was moved when I saw the new monument that opened in New York City to remember the tragedy that happened on 9/11 ten years ago.  It looks to be a beautiful piece of work that should help remind us of that horrific day and the lives that were lost.  I could not help but think how much that one event has changed us as a nation.  It has caused us to increase our security both at home and abroad.  It has led us into wars in the Middle East.  It has caused many in our nation to feel very vulnerable and insecure.

That is why I wish that event might have turned the hearts of men and women back to Almighty God.  People need to feel safe.  They need to have a sense of security.  In order to enjoy their time on earth, they need their hearts and minds to be at peace.  But the turbulence experienced in this world and the uncertainty of the future rob people of their joy.  That is one of the many reasons why man needs God.  King David understood this when he lived upon the earth.  Though he had …

A Changed Life

Christianity is not about someone changing from an irreligious person to a religious one.  It is not about someone who decides to stop doing immoral things so they can start doing things that are more morally acceptable.  Christianity is about God making an individual spiritually alive.  It is not about reforming a life.  It is about a regenerated life.  It is about being born again.  It is about the Holy Spirit indwelling a person so that the person has new desires and a whole new outlook on life.  It's about an individual becoming somoene who desires to please God and who has a love for others.  Therefore, Christianity is not about doing as much as it is about being.